Design a wordmark for a fictitious publication that communicates the publication concept and begins
to build a visual language.


Girlish is a cultural publication that explores the strength of femininity. Too often, women are told that their femininity is a weakness- that they cannot be both feminine and strong. Girlish believes that not only is this not true, but that femininity can be one of your greatest assets. The collective experiences of women and girls are powerful- these experiences drive social change, the economy, and cultural expression. Girlish explores feminine identity and celebrates the diverse expression of womanhood through a showcasing of cultural works. 

Girlish is a reclamation of femininity that celebrates the collective experience of womanhood and allows women to reflect on what femininity means to them.


The majority of the ideation for this project was done via hand sketching. Throughout this process I focused on questions such as:

  • How can typography be both feminine as well as bold and confident?
  • How can typography convey the idea of community?
  • How can typography feel accessible and inviting?


After testing out several rounds of typefaces, I landed on the typeface Manera Display︎︎︎, designed by Ola Szczepaniak︎︎︎. Given the nature of the publication, I wanted to use a typeface designed by a female type designer. The typeface displays a bold, confident sense of elegance and femininity, which I believe to fit well with the themes of the publication.


Here is a gif of the final stages of my iteration process, after selecting my typeface.  

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Stay Tuned! Girlish is an in process project with a full publication to come.